Melbourne Japanese restaurant : Ton&Co

Hello. Here’s an introduction to Ton&Co, an Japanese restaurant located in Windsor, Melbourne.

It takes about 35 minutes by tram from the city to reach this place,
which is close to Prahran on the right and St. Kilda on the left.

The most popular dish here is the tonkatsu. The restaurant has gained a reputation for serving delicious tonkatsu, which is why I decided to visit.

<Outside/around restaurant>

Ton&Co, a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne,
is located slightly away from the bustling center of Windsor, in the heart of the Windsor district.

Those walking from the main street might feel uncertain as they pass residential areas,
but trust Google Maps; you’re on the right track.

Melbourne Japanese restaurant, Front picture

next Melbourne Japanese restaurant, Ton&co

next Melbourne Japanese restaurant, Ton&co

<Inside the store>

The interior of the restaurant is shaped like a long rectangle, with tables arranged at regular intervals, mainly in pairs for two people.

Since there are no separate tables for four people, it seems that if additional seating is needed, the adjacent tables would need to be joined together.

Next to the payment counter, there is seating available for one person, accommodating approximately 3 to 4 individuals. Due to the surrounding residential area, where foot traffic might not be high, sitting by the front glass area is also fine.

The air conditioning/heating blows towards the single seating area, towards the front glass side. For those who are sensitive to cold or heat, it is recommended to sit in the center of the front glass area.

During my visit, outdoor tables were not available.

Melbourne Japanese restaurant, Ton&co, inside restaurant

Melbourne Japanese restaurant, Ton&co, inside restaurant

< Overall atmosphere of the restaurant>

I was concerned that the tables might be too close together, leading to noise, but it was surprisingly quiet.
Perhaps guests preferred not to overhear conversations from neighboring tables, or they adjusted their volume to suit the ambiance of the restaurant.
The music played in the restaurant, which was gentle jazz, also contributed to the overall tranquility.

With one side of the restaurant entirely made of glass, it creates a bright and clean atmosphere during daylight hours, while evenings have a slightly dimmer and more atmospheric feel. If you’re considering Ton&Co in Melbourne for a date night, I recommend making a reservation in advance. Without a reservation, the dining time is limited to one hour.

I visited the restaurant in May (winter). If you enjoy transitioning from a crisp atmosphere to a serene one, I suggest visiting around 5 p.m.

< Staff service  >

Despite visiting on a weekday,
there was a bit of a wait to receive our food due to the large number of people dining.
However, we were able to order via QR code, and the staff members were attentive,
which made the process feel relatively fast compared to ordering individually at a regular restaurant.

During our visit,
there were two staff members working in the dining area, and both of them were friendly and accommodating.

<Menu I ordered>  

1) Pork Ribeye Cut(300g) with Tonkatsu Sauce without rice ($29)

+ Rice & Miso Soup Set ($5)

+ Kirin 1chiban Lager 330ml ($8)

Pork cutlet, Tonkatsu

The Ribeye is a cut of meat from the loin with the rib attached.
The meat is thick and tender, and the breading is crispy,
making it feel like I was enjoying a proper Japanese-style tonkatsu
in Melbourne after a long time.

In other places, sometimes the thinner parts are overly cooked, resulting in toughness,
or the meat is unevenly cooked, showing signs of rawness. However, at Ton&Co, the meat was consistently cooked, and the breading was perfectly crispy.

As sides, there were lettuce and pickled radish, accompanied by tonkatsu sauce and mustard. There was also a salad dressing provided separately on the table. While consuming, the mustard sauce provided intermittent bursts of flavor, preventing it from becoming monotonous.

The main menu doesn’t include rice, so it needs to be ordered separately.
I opted for the set menu, which includes rice and miso soup, priced at $5,
saving a dollar compared to ordering them separately ($3 each).

2) Pork Striploin Cut(250g) with Ebi without rice ($30.5)

+ Rice & Miso Soup Set ($5)

+ Kirin 1chiban Lager 330ml ($8)

Pork cutlet, Tonkatsu

The Pork Striploin, also known as the loin, is often used in making tonkatsu and pork chops. After having the Ribeye, I didn’t quite feel the same level of tenderness with the Striploin.
However, both cuts are on the tender side, so those who prefer tenderness might like the Ribeye,
while those who enjoy a bit more chewiness might prefer the Striploin.

Although the Striploin tends to be thinner compared to the Ribeye, personally,
I found it just the right size to take a bite.

This dish comes with shrimp, and they were incredibly tender, practically melting in the mouth. As sides, there were lettuce and pickled radish, with an additional sauce provided. Perhaps due to the shrimp, it seems like tartar sauce was added.

If I were to visit again, I would like to try the menu with both tonkatsu and shrimp.

<Helpful Tips>

  • There is a card surcharge fee for card payments.
  • A surcharge of 5% on weekends and 10% on public holidays applies.
  • Split payments are not accepted.
  • There is a 1-hour time limit for visits without a reservation.
  • For those sensitive to temperature, there is an air conditioner/heater installed in the center. Sitting near the central front glass is recommended.
  • QR code ordering is available, making it convenient even if you’re not fluent in English.

<general review>

  • This restaurant is highly recommended for those who enjoy Japanese-style tonkatsu.
  • The ambiance is perfect for a date night as it’s not too noisy.
  • However, if you need privacy for important conversations, note that the table spacing might not be ideal.
  • The average price range is around $32 to $35.
  • The delicious food leaves a strong inclination to revisit next time.

 <Store Basic Information>

  1. Operating Hours: Wed – Fri 5pm–9pm / Sat 12pm-3pm, 5pm-9pm / Sun 11am–3:30pm
  2. Address: 118 High St, Windsor VIC 3181
  3. Phone Number: 0390233396
  4. Menu: Click (Menu Link)
  5. Online Reservation: Available (Online Reservation Click)
  6. Parking: Available in front of the store / Nearby street parking

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